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Rabbit Headquarters: Meet The Friendly, Giant French Lop & His Friends At Pasir Ris Farmway

Just when you thought that Pasir Ris Farmway is only home to dog farms and dog shelters, tucked away within Ericsson Pet Farm lies the Rabbit Headquarters Singapore (RHQ).

A world where cute little critters reign while they wait for the chance to go home with new owners, and a place for animal lovers to learn more about rabbits before deciding to bring one home.

It is also home to cuddly, furry little rabbits of various breeds, which are all born and bred by the owner himself. This means that the rabbits here are ethically bred, and are “beautiful inside-out” says Alfie, who showed us the stars of RHQ; namely eight of them who are show rabbits and have clinched multiple awards.

They are groomed to perfection, boasting a healthy coat of soft, supple fur. They not only look good but are all mild in temperament unlike those that you’ll find in typical pet shops. You don’t have worry about getting bitten when you reach out to pet them.

Meet Charmander the Mini Rex, a handsome fella attempting to charm you with its long pointy ears and sparkly eyes.

Simba the Lionhead, which looks just like a little ball of fur — can you identify its body apart from its head?

Aptly named the Lionhead rabbit, its unique feature lies in its mane surrounding its head, much like the king of the jungle’s, except this one’s no where as intimidating. And of course Alfie had to name him Simba (haha).

Capello the Dutch bunny looks on with inquisitive eyes and is easily distinguished by its trademark colour-patterned body.

Interestingly enough, it is one of the first few breeds of rabbits that became domesticated.

The first type of rabbit that I was exposed to was the Britannia Petite, or at least in my fondest childhood memories it was what rabbits were portrayed like in illustrations and drawings — notably with a sharp head and angular muzzle.

Kiss stands out from the crowd with its deep ruby-coloured eye. Its eyes aren’t the only feature that’s beautiful; if you’re looking for an energetic bunny that matches your enthusiasm, this breed is definitely suited to your personality.

When we were introduced to Elena the California rabbit, it was probably her nap time. She was propped into her perfect, show standard curved body and sat there without moving an inch. A couple of pats on the head and body and she was on her way to dreamland.

Milo the Holland Lop is the embodiment of “nua” (lazy). If you’re looking for a cuddle buddy, this breed is perfectly chill with you picking it up and having it in your arms while your sob over a Korean drama.

BO the Netherlands dwarf rabbit may be small in stature, but makes up for it in personality. Always striking a pose for the camera, it isn’t one to shy away or act coyly in front of humans.

If there’s a Next Top Model equivalent for bunnies, BO would definitely be in the running to become Singapore’s Next Top Bunny Model.

Mascara the Dwarf Hotot is known for its distinctive eyes that pop, and “eyeliner” that is on point! (definitely better than mine anyway).

It’s such a cutie, and is so mellow in nature. I’m in love!

Creamsicle the French Lop, is such a gentle giant. When it was brought out to us, we were super astonished with the difference in size as compared to the rest that we’ve seen; it’s almost the size of a puppy!

Hopping around clumsily and squeezing into spaces too small for its size, Creamsicle is such a dear, so much so that I wanted to carry it home when it fell asleep in my arms.

After a short while of playing and exploring the grounds, Creamsicle plopped down to rest, resembling a life-sized stuffed toy that you just want to hug to sleep.

Just a couple of fun facts that we got to learn about these bunnies: It seems like you’ll have to have a certain affinity with them (sort of like the “I see you” avatar moment), they bow their heads as a sign of submission when they want to be pet, and they can sense your genuineness.

When you’re there, try asking about the average number of teeth that a bunny has; you’ll be surprised to know that they have more than four front teeth!

Rabbit Headquarters opens only on weekends, so if you’re in the East of Singapore and love to mingle with bunnies, here’s where you should head to. And, if you’re intending to get a bunny, the ones here are way better in terms of their health and personalities, as compared to the ones at the chain of pet shops out there — make an appointment if you’re truly interested to find out more.

If you already have a bunny, you can even pamper your fluff balls here with spa and grooming, and leave them in trusty hands when you board them at the rabbit hotel.

Rabbit Headquarters: 16 Pasir Ris Farmway 2, Singapore 519316 | Tel: +65 8481 4200| Opening Hours: (Sat & Sun) 12pm – 6pm | Website | Facebook

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