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The Breakup List: A New Toggle Original Starring Ben Kheng & TreePotatoes Premieres 13 Feb 17

A collaboration between Big 3 Media and TreePotatoes, The Breakup List is a new Toggle Original that will be launching on 13 February 2017.

The story follows a meek accountant, Luke (Benjamin Kheng), getting dumped by his girlfriend, Judy (Janice Chiang), on their sixth anniversary.

Heart-wrenched and helpless without Judy, Luke breaks down.

His friend, Joe (Elliot Lucas Marcell Tan), who was also in a similar situation, decides to create “The Break Up List” to help themselves re-embrace the life of singlehood.

Expect loads of cheeky and crazy stunts as the two of them embark on many failed adventures.

Next comes the innocent Sarah (Jannassa Neo) who meets Luke on several coincidental encounters, and sparks eventually flew. But their relationship is put to the test when Judy decides to return to Luke’s life.

On Pushing Boundaries with Director Aaron Khoo

We managed to catch a few words with the director of “The Breakup List”, Aaron Khoo from Tree Potatoes.

Share with us your experience when directing “The Breakup List”. 

“Directing “The Breakup List” was a completely new thing for us. Tree Potatoes has been around YouTube for many years, but “The Breakup List” is way, way bigger than any YouTube video we have ever done. So, with such a big cast and crew, it was a little bit scary at first but at the end of the day, it was so amazing.”

Without giving too much information on the show, what is the biggest surprise that viewers can expect? 

“Wow. I think the biggest surprise would be who Ben finally actually ends up with.”

“The Breakup List” features soundtracks from local artistes such as “Electricity” by Nathan Hartono, “In Your Arms” by indie pop quartet, Take Two.

25-year-old singer-songwriter, BECKA also wrote the theme song “20 Seconds” for The Breakup List.

With an eclectic and talented lineup of local cast, expect loads of laughter when you watch “The Breakup List” premiering this coming 13 February 2017 on Toggle.

The Breakup List (starring Benjamin Kheng, Jannassa Neo, Elliot Lucas Marcell Tan, Janice Chiang): Premieres 13 February 2017 on Toggle, New Episodes every Monday and Friday | Website

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